Eudaimonia! Good ideas for living well

Let's kickstart a rethink about what living well means in the 21st century – and bring about real change.

Eudaimonia! is our movement to learn about – and overcome – the barriers to the UK’s wellbeing. We're taking a radical, grassroots approach. We want to rip up the rule book, look past assumptions and ultimately come up with real, practical solutions that help people flourish.

We’ve commissioned a new Eudaimonia! research report to give us fresh insight. We organised a TEDx-style event to share inspiration. And throughout the next 12 months we are incubating pioneering new ideas with a variety of partners – from individuals to organisations – before deciding which ones to roll out. 

Get involved and join the movement.

Why Eudaimonia – and why us?

As a health and wellbeing charity, and a pioneer of the fitness industry for more than 100 years, we feel a responsibility to think afresh. We want to ensure we're doing everything we can to help people live well when it comes to mind, body and spirit.

The report

What is the current state of the UK’s wellbeing? And what are the factors that influence it?

These were just two of the questions that led us to conduct a nationwide survey on wellbeing. It took us into the workplace and explored the UK’s work-life balance. How close relationships may impact on our happiness. What happens when money concerns start to grind? And the lasting effects our education experience can have on our lives.

Our very first Eudaimonia! event

To launch the Eudaimonia! movement, we knew we needed something big. So, in partnership with The School of Life, we organised a TEDx-style event.  

Watch our video to get a taste of the inspiring ideas shared and hear Rosi Prescott, our Chief Executive, talk about the plans for our movement.


The event featured a variety of expert speakers, new ideas and panel discussions interspersed with live poetry and activities.

The aim was to explore ways to solve the question: How can we live better in today's world?

  • Philosopher Alain de Botton imagined the gym of the future.
  • Anthony Painter – Director of the Action and Research Centre at the RSA – talked about the financial aspects of living well.
  • Dr. Sam Everington – GP, former health policy advisor and chair of NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group – shared some of the inspiring work taking place at Bromley By Bow Health Centre.
  • Author and thinker Charlie Leadbeater chaired the event.

Highlights from our Eudaimonia! event

The event sparked a variety of discussions on social media – and trended on Twitter. Throwable microphones were tossed around the audience to gather as many opinions as possible and new ideas around architecture, policy and community needs started to take shape.

Check out some of the highlights:

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