Our Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy

Over the last year our Board of Trustees and Executive Team have taken time to consider our core principles, reflecting on our founding charitable objects and considering how these translate in today’s times. Whilst the challenges society face may be very different to when our founder Sir George Williams set up the YMCA, we believe the principles of Mind, Body, Spirit continue to be integral to our approach and is translated through our revised Mission, Vision and Purpose and the services we deliver.

We have also taken time to reflect the values we believe are essential to take the Charity forward. We believe in breaking down barriers through our value of Equity, being Creative in our approach to tackle today’s challenges, being Brave in our decisions, and Nurturing everyone we work with to ensure they succeed.

Whilst the Charity and the wider sector continue to be faced with many challenges, we are optimistic that these changes will help to see us through and ensure we can continue to deliver the important services we provide to society.

“The pandemic has thrown up considerable financial challenges and we have taken this opportunity to reimagine our future. This includes a reassessment of our purpose, vision, mission, values and the development of an ambitious three-year strategy for change and growth."
Andrew Beal, Chair of the Board of Trustees


Advance the education, health and wellbeing of our communities. 


Create improved access to life-changing opportunities.


Enable everyone to achieve their potential, live a fulfilled life and contribute positively to society. 

Our values 

We are driven by equity and believe everyone can thrive. 

We are brave, always striving to do the right thing. 

We nurture people to succeed.  

We are creative, adapting and evolving to tackle today’s challenges.