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As a leading national charity, we have a proven track record of successfully training thousands of apprentices every year who go on to build rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Central YMCA has been training apprentices for over 40 years. Over, 20,000 apprentices have qualified with us in the last 10 years.

Our quality delivery model

Over the years, we’ve built up our knowledge of working with employers to deliver apprenticeships. We know what you expect and need from us – and build this in as standard:

  • A dedicated Relationship Manager as a key point of contact within YMCA
  • Structured monthly feedback and quarterly reviews 
  • Bespoke reporting designed at the outset against agreed KPI’s
  • Monthly high-quality live tutored sessions blended with ongoing remote sessions to help support learning
  • A range of communications platforms and mentorship programmes, to keep your learner engaged and motivated
  • Monthly monitoring of learner portfolios to ensure learners are on track to meet their gateway assessment (or planned end dates)
  • Learner, Mentor and Manager interviews to feed into the programme evaluation

A dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager will support you and your apprentice from start to finish providing information, advice and regular feedback. Not only are they a ‘go to’ person for any query you have, we also build a formal feedback structure into our agreement with you. You’ll receive monthly feedback as well as quarterly reviews.

Business analysis

What type of apprentice would suit your business? It’s an important question. Apprentices can be anyone aged from 16-65; they can be a member of your company already, or a new recruit. We can support you to analyse your training needs and help you to identify your skills gaps.

On-site training

We deliver training on-site. Our experienced tutors will come to you to deliver sessions in groups or one-to-one. This saves you money, time and mileage. Our partners tell us that this works well for them.

Learner recruitment

We can take the hassle out of recruiting learners and can manage the whole process for you. Our team of specialists can help source highly motivated candidates. You can advertise free of charge on our platforms and we’ll shortlist candidates that best fit suit your requirements.

Learner support

We’re committed to supporting learners’ success; it’s what we do best. We have a range of communications platforms and mentorship programmes, which can help keep your learner engaged and motivated.