Our impact

Everyone should have access to life-changing opportunities.
Health and Wellbeing
In 2019/20 we helped 5,379 people to lead healthier lives through our health and wellbeing programmes.

Our dedicated health and wellbeing programmes serve a diverse community of all ages across Camden, Islington and Westminster.

We're passionate about fostering an ethos of inclusivity and creating a welcoming space for our members across our two central London venues, YMCA Club and YMCA at One KX.

Everyone should have the opportunity to stay active and feel part of a community.


Total membership of YMCA Club.


Class participants at One KX.


GP medical referrals to our Healthy Living programme.


Members known to be living with HIV on our Positive Health programme.


Curricular and extracurricular sessions, enabling children to achieve their recommended 1 hour of exercise per day.


Participants to a programme that focused on the effects of physical activity on young men age 18 to 25 with Haemophilia.


Older Adult members (year-end July).


Positive Health members.


Class sessions at One KX.

Education and Training
We helped 4,244 learners and apprentices nationwide to develop their vocational and career skills in 2019/20.

We're one of the largest charity training providers in the country. We provide education and employment opportunities for young people and adults, irrespective of their background and experience. 

Every person has something to offer, they just need to find their niche.


young people (16-24) engaged in funded training.


16-24 years old entered employment, further study or an apprenticeship after leaving us.


qualifications awarded to learners with the charity.


Study programme learners have not progressed further study or employment.


Study programme learners are now in further training up 18.65%


of learners achieved an maths GCSE 10% grade 4-9.

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