Ofsted Report

OFSTED is the inspection body for schools, colleges and universities in the UK. Our most recent overall rating was “Good”.

From Study Programmes for 16-18 year-olds, to Pre-apprenticeships and Apprenticeships – YMCA Training, which is part of Central YMCA, champions and delivers vocational learning in its centres and delivery locations across the UK.

Inspectors visited the college on 17th January 2017 to evaluate the progress that YMCA Training had made since the last inspection in March 2015.

Effectiveness of leadership and management. The report said: 

Leaders and managers have a clear vision for the future of their organisation, which is to enable young people, through education and training, to flourish and fulfil their potential. They have now underpinned this vision with well-considered operational strategies which aim to meet ambitious targets set by trustees, leaders and managers.
The study programme and pre-apprenticeship programme are designed well and effectively meet the needs of disadvantaged young people. Three quarters of learners on the study programme are not in employment, education or training when they start their programmes, and the vast majority of them progress to employment or further training.
The culture of the organisation is inclusive and tolerant. The well-designed curriculum prepares learners well for living in a diverse society.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment. The report said:

All staff set high expectations for the standards they expect learners and apprentices to achieve. They are positive role models, especially for younger learners, some of whom join programmes with low aspirations.
Tutors rigorously reinforce employability skills and relentlessly encourage learners and apprentices to work towards achieving their aspirations and potential. They link learning very effectively to younger learners’ future employment ambitions.
Work experience is well planned, and tutors use feedback from employers effectively to monitor learners’ progress in improving their work-related skills.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare. The report said:

Through well-planned and appropriate work experience, learners on study programmes and pre-apprenticeships improve their work-related skills and attitudes. Most of these learners join programmes after a period of disengagement from education, training or employment. Through their participation in learning, they overcome personal difficulties which inhibit their learning, improve their social and communication skills and gain in
Apprentices are enthusiastic and highly motivated. They are keen to learn new skills and knowledge and apply these in their work, recognising that this will improve their career.