The #Eudaimonia movement

We've been pioneering the wellbeing of London since 1844 – but what does it really mean to live well in the 21st century? And what more could we do? We want to continue to invest in the city's future – and we need your help.

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Upcoming events

Info-evening on Y-design and IdeaShare evening

Tuesday 17th January (6.30-9pm), Central YMCA Club

As part of our commitment to invest in the future leaders of London’s health and wellbeing, we are launching a health-incubator programme in early 2017. The aim is to help early-stage ideas and concepts around health and wellbeing grow and mature. Want to know more? Join us at this event where we answer all your questions.

At the same event we'll also be holding a session for creative ideas where we will explore existing, inspiring initiatives, share fledgling ideas and try to come up with some brand new concepts.

Thank you again and please remember, if you have ideas about London’s wellbeing for the decades ahead, we want to hear from you.