Why offer an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships help you to grow your own talent, reduce staff turnover and give your business the skills it needs to succeed.

Apprenticeships bring together training providers, employers, professional bodies and apprentices in a formal relationship to meet the needs of the modern economy. An apprenticeship is more than a qualification, it includes formalised work-based learning.

The business benefits

Develop and upskill your existing workplace

Apprenticeships are a way for businesses to develop both their new and existing staff, using funding the Government has set aside specifically for this purpose. Your existing staff can undertake an apprenticeship to gain the skills your company needs.

Recruit and train new staff

Apprenticeships offer you the chance to hire fresh talent cost-effectively, by paying for their training fees from the levy pot. Not only will apprentices gain the qualifications to underpin their working practice, but you can induct them into your company culture at the same time.

Our dedicated Apprenticeship team support recruitment and shortlisting for your apprenticeship vacancies.

Offered at a range of levels

Apprenticeships are offered at a range of levels. The apprenticeships that we offer range from Level 2 - 5; GCSE equivalent to a foundation degree.

Apprenticeships are also not just for 16-19-year-olds, anyone between the ages of 16-65 is eligible. So, you can use apprenticeships to recruit or upskill existing members of your staff.

Cost effective training

All companies have access to the Apprenticeship Levy pot, which funds all or most of the apprenticeship training costs – rather than being fully financed for by you, the business.

Are we in your sector?

We work across a number of sectors, bringing a wide range of experience to help your business grow.

All the support you need

We have a dedicated Apprenticeship Team to help you navigate the world of apprenticeships, from skills gap analysis to recruitment through to monitoring apprentice progression, we’re here to support you.