The Eudaimonia! conversation as seen on Twitter

We bring together the highlights of our first Eudaimonia! event - discussing what it means to live well in the 21st century
24 October 2016

Central YMCA UK has launched the #Eudaimonia! movement, exploring how to live well in the 21st Century. In partnership with The School of Life, we held the first event of many events on Thursday 13th October, with speakers including Alain de Botton to discuss wellbeing in London.

The movement was born when Central YMCA CEO Rosi Prescott realised the Central YMCA Club needed a refurbishment. Rather than spend money on a new 'gym', she wanted to widen the question and find out what Londoners need to live well today - how can we be more than a gym? How can we help people be happy, healthy and more fulfulled?

We invited speakers, including Alan de Botton and Charlie Leadbeater and excitement for the event built.

And then we were live...

We asked the audience to get involved and ask questions throughout the event using and throwable microphones.

Poetry and fitness experts interspersed the talks to keep everyone engaged.

And the speakers did not disappoint!


There were panel discussions which led to good debates throughout the evening.

...and polls taken on

There were some great initiatives and ideas throughout.

When the evening came to an end, there were some takeaways, including the fact that this is just the beginning...

And we need you to continue the conversation!