About Central YMCA

Central YMCA helps people make lasting positive changes in their lives.
Central YMCA was the world’s very first one and today we work independently as a leading UK health, education and wellbeing charity.

YMCA is a global movement and it all started in 1844 with us – Central YMCA. Today, YMCA isn’t just one charity – there are many different YMCAs all around the world doing different things.

As experts in health, education and wellbeing, we take the holistic view. It's what sets us apart. This is why we’re well placed to tackle the social challenges our communities face, now and in the future. 

Central YMCA centres are based in 4 regions across the UK. Our Central London centre, which has been our home since 1911, is our flagship hub for education, health and wellbeing – and is home to YMCA Club, the largest gym facility in central London.

Our education and employment programmes run in 21 local communities and support 16-19-year-olds to develop new skills and gain the necessary qualifications and work experience to move into further training or employment.

We also work nationally through our fitness education training and apprenticeship delivery teams to provide tuition, guidance and support to our learners, so they can realise their full potential. 

Through our awarding organisation, YMCA Awards, we develop UK-regulated and globally-recognised qualifications. We work closely with industry experts, employers and training providers to make sure that our products and services deliver life-changing opportunities.

Working in partnership

Equal-access. Inclusivity. Conscience. Our partners share these values and help us reach more people. By working together, we open up access to life-changing opportunities.

Let’s make sure that no one is left behind.