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However big or small, your gift will improve lives through our health, wellbeing and education programmes.
You can support us by making a single or regular gift, leaving a legacy or giving in memory. Your gift will make a difference.

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About Central YMCA

We operate a social-enterprise model, which supports our wellbeing and education programmes across the UK. We use surplus income from our gym memberships, fitness training courses and qualifications, together with government funding and your generous donations, to fund our work.

We break down barriers for different communities, whether older adults, children or NHS referrals. Each group is supported by dedicated, qualified staff who are assisted by over 200 volunteers. 

We provide education and employment opportunities for both young people and adults, regardless of their background and experience.

We operate a bursary scheme and provide pastoral care for young learners across our study programmes. We also support learners living with disabilities.

Remember us in your will

Legacy gifts are invested in our training programmes, which have a direct and lasting impact. We have a variety of fantastic projects and services, which would benefit from your legacy, and you can request that your gift is allocated to a specific project.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Rob Johnson, Director of Education and Training – rob.johnson@ymca.co.uk

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