Saffiyah Hussain

Inspirational Pre-Apprentice of the Year, 2022

Saffiyah Hussain

Health and Social Care Learner, 20-year-old Saffiyah Hussain from Bury, is awarded ‘Inspirational Pre-Apprentice of the Year 2022’    

Saffiyah has shown remarkable progress during her study programme , and this award is given to celebrate this achievement. 


Breaking Down Barriers  

Despite struggling with classroom learning in school, Saffiyah loved listening and wanted to use this gift to support young people with mental health issues. She knew she needed to gain qualifications in order to help others, so came to Central YMCA to acquire her Level 1 in Occupational Studies in Employability. Although Saffiyah initially described her writing as “very poor”, she showed a high drive to succeed and was pleased to pass, progressing straight on to Level 1 Health and Social Care. 


Inspiring Progress 

Saffiyah has gone above and beyond in the last few months – excelling in the first four units of her course, displaying good attendance, and consistently meeting targets. She has valued the support from her tutors at Central YMCA, who have been very pleased with her progress and development. During her course, her writing and research abilities have “improved a great deal”, and she has also learned to communicate much better. After acquiring these skills through her apprenticeship, Saffiyah is confident that she will use them to advance her career:  

“The course has helped me to move closer to my dreams of working in the mental health services.”

Looking to the Future 

Saffiyah’s progress and drive to help others is remarkable, and she deserves the award she has won. When she completes her Level 1, she plans to progress through Health and Social Care Levels 2 and 3. After this, she aspires to go even further with her education, and gain qualifications in mental health and wellbeing.   

Her parents are very proud of her for her nomination. Reflecting on the progress and determination which has led to this, Saffiyah tells us:  

“Wow, I have actually achieved an award and I will be going to visit the House of Commons... I felt so happy, it made me feel like all this hard work was worth it.” 

About Apprenticeships 

Inspired by Saffiyah’s story? Could you benefit from an apprenticeship?  

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