2023 Inspirational Apprentice of the Year

Tee Semper

30-year-old Tee from London, wins Central YMCA’s 2023 Inspirational Apprentice of the Year  

“I felt completely shocked. I didn’t know I was going to win the award tonight, but I feel truly grateful because I’ve worked really hard for this.  It’s built my confidence, got me further and allowed my mind to progress, to show me where I want to go in life. So, this award has actually showed me how far I can go and there’s no end to the race, I just keep on going.” 

A passion for fitness 

From a very young age, health and fitness have been Tee’s passion. Tee’s parents raised Tee to know the benefits of staying fit and keeping healthy. So, Tee always dreamed of working as a Fitness Coach. During the lockdown, Tee reconnected with the passion, and started studying, training and learning more in general about the body and the holistic benefits to healthy eating and fitness conditioning. Tee also came across an advertisement on Indeed about becoming a Fitness Instructor, which included a Customer Practitioner Level 2 course. Tee applied for this role during lockdown in moving one step closer to their aim of becoming a Fitness Coach. 

From a dream to reality 

Tee is now a fully qualified Fitness Instructor, Life Coach, and EMS Personal Trainer. Tee has also successfully completed English Functional Skills Level 2, and is about to finish their Customer Practitioner Level 2 along with completing Maths Functional Skills Level 2. Tee is still working as an EMS Personal Trainer at a studio in Barnett and supporting a vast amount of people aiming to reach their health and fitness goals while using EMS and focusing on their nutrition.    

A word from Tee about apprenticeships  

“My advice would be, even though life does throw a lot of challenges just go for something. You never know how far you can get, you never know where life is going to take you, so take that risk, take that opportunity, because you don’t know what’s at the end.” 


About Apprenticeships  

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