Classroom Learning Progression of the Year, 2021

Amy Kendall

Amy Kendall, a 17-year-old from Leeds, wins ‘Classroom Learning Progression of the Year’ 2021 at this year’s Central YMCA Apprenticeship Awards.

Amy was home schooled from the age of 14. She left school with no qualifications, lacked confidence, struggled to speak to people and become anxious when around new people or in groups. At the end of Year 11, Amy applied for college and was pleased to be accepted. However, this broke down on the very first day as Amy found that she couldn’t cope with the large classroom environment. 

Amy came to Central YMCA on a Study Programme, which offered an alternative to ‘traditional’ FE education. With a programme of studies that is tailored around individual needs – and supportive tutors – Amy has made huge progress. A shy, quiet girl, who lacked in confidence, Amy has shown determination and the desire to succeed; all she needed was belief. 


Amy has achieved the Entry 3 Level Certificate in Occupational Studies, Functional Skills at Level 1 and Level 2 in Maths, Functional skill English at Entry 2 and Entry 3, and completed a work experience placement in retail – completing all aims of the Study Programme. 

Amy is now attending her second year of the Study Programme and working towards GCSE Maths (something that she never thought she would be able to do). 

Amy has developed in confidence, self-esteem, has a friendship group and in own words says, “I can now speak to people, and not just people in YMCA”. She now has faith in herself and with this, all staff who know Amy believe that she can go on to achieve anything she puts her mind to.