Estelle Leake - Tutor of the Year

28 February 2017

Estelle was looking at progressing further into her career, and that is when she found YMCA Training Doncaster. Estelle started off as a YMCA tutor, where her job entailed inductions and functional skills maths. Following a restructure in August 2016, just before she went on maternity leave, Estelle was offered the role of GCSE tutor for maths, which she accepted and started post-maternity in March 2016.

Estelle teaches 30 hours a week, plans her lessons at home every evening, and occasionally travels to other centres to deliver training/attend meetings – she is so committed to her role and to the learners at YMCA Training Doncaster that Estelle sat the GCSE maths exam last year to ensure she had the knowledge and skills to help learners achieve in maths. Furthermore, Estelle is also looking into a Level 5 Education and Training diploma, where she hopes to find a suitable course to further her knowledge to help learners as well as benefitting YMCA Training, which she plans to pay for and to complete on top of full-time work and being a mum to a 1 year old.

“Estelle has always been thought of highly by all the learners she works with and this is because she always gives 110% to them. Estelle is fully committed to her role”
Michelle Smith, YMCA Training Doncaster Senior Business Manager

Estelle’s role at YMCA Training Doncaster has been far more different than her previous roles. Her time at YMCA Training Doncaster has made her adaptable and flexible and this is because “every day is different and you have the personal needs of the learners to consider”. If learners are difficult, or are not behaving particularly well towards Estelle, she never takes it personally: “learners can hate you one day and be your best friend the next but you always have to consider them, and their situation”.

On top of everything Estelle does for learners, she is also just as giving to her colleagues. She is someone to count on when in need of help, and when she can, she too tutors her colleagues to help them gain essential maths skills.


“I have worked with Estelle for a number of years and in this time, I have always found her a great support and someone who I can rely on when needed. Estelle has given me the strength and determination to progress through the different qualifications that I have had to take as an apprenticeship tutor. She is always happy to help and this is seen by all her colleagues.”
Mo Murphy, YMCA Training Doncaster Apprenticeship Tutor