Central YMCA ‘Opportunity for Change’ manifesto released

Six calls to action to improve social mobility, health and wellbeing
17 May 2017

The general election on the 8th June comes at a time of both uncertainty and opportunity for training providers.

Central YMCA believe that political parties can use this election as an opportunity not only to re-think and introduce new policy ideas around Further Education, but to also provide a sense of clarity for the sector. 


In our manifesto we outline six calls to action, which we believe can help improve the social mobility, health and wellbeing of young people within the UK.

Our hope is that all parties campaigning during the upcoming election period take on board our ideas, and keep young people at the heart of their policy objectives.

The six main calls to action are as follows: 

  1. The government should consider the impact of the ever changing environment that the Further Education sector operates in, and how this acts as a barrier to achieving parity of esteem for vocational education.
  2. Policy makers should ensure timely decision making so that delays regarding the approval of apprenticeship standards and assessment plans can be avoided.
  3. An adequate support network for learners is needed so that more young people are able to take on, and succeed in an Apprenticeship.
  4. Young people should receive appropriate and wide ranging careers advice, in which vocational training and Apprenticeships should be promoted effectively.
  5. The government should remove commonly cited barriers to Apprenticeships, to provide more young people with the opportunity to achieve their aspirations.
  6.  Sport and physical activity should be included as part of the Post-16 Skills Plan, to ensure young people are given the opportunity to make fully informed decisions about their future career.

For more information download our manifesto below.