Do you swim as part of your fitness routine?

Here are 5 great reasons to hit our amazing 25m pool

Getting the laps in the pool is actually a much better workout than you may have thought. Giving you a full-body workout and speeding up your metabolism, there are many reasons why you may want to consider jumping in the deep end rather than spending all your workouts in the gym. Here are our top five reasons to hit our pool at Central YMCA Club. 

1. It can help to maintain a healthy weight 

Regular swimming can increase your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories each day. Just one hour of swimming alone can burn up to 500 calories, so it can be an excellent way to help with your weight loss plan. Push yourself and try to increase the number of lengths you swim each time you hit the pool- you’ll look and feel great for it!

2. It can help to build muscles

As well as burning calories, swimming can also help you to bulk up your muscles. Due to water’s density- which is 12x as much as air, working out in the water causes a lot more resistance, meaning your muscles are working much harder than if they were simply running or cycling on land. In fact, swimming has a similar effect on your body to using a light to moderate weight on a resistance machine. 

3. It’s a full-body workout

Swimming is the ideal sport for toning and sculpting your whole body all at once- whether that be your arms, back, legs or chest. Each kick and stroke works to strengthen your entire body, so no more lengthy workout plans! 

4. It can increase your cardiovascular fitness

While many people think the best way to build up their cardiovascular fitness is through running or cycling, few realise that swimming can be an even better aerobic activity. While swimming, your body relies on a much more comprehensive use of breath control, so the increased need for oxygen requires your muscles to work harder. You’ll soon start to notice a difference in how far you can swim, and how easy you find it. 

5. It’s a mood booster

Just being in the water is refreshing- especially jumping in the deep end and having fun in the freedom of the water. Swimming just once a week has been proven to lower stress and anxiety levels in adults- so if your mind is fuzzy and stress is taking over, diving in and hitting the lanes is sure to help.

The great thing about swimming is that it is an inclusive and fun exercise, and can cater to any ability. Beginners, experts, and casual swimmers will reap the benefits of hitting the pool, so why not take the plunge and make swimming part of your healthy lifestyle?