Free Pilates classes for BAME women

A 6-week programme which helps reduce health inequalities in Camden
8 August 2022

Here at Central YMCA we work to break down barriers and improve access to life-changing opportunities. That's why we are delighted to be partnering with Voluntary Action Camden to help improve access and reduce health inequalities for Camden’s Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic community.


Join our free 6-week Pilates programme specifically catered to Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic (BAME) women who are looking to get active and improve their health and wellbeing.

These classes offer a safe space for you to feel at ease and connect with other women in a calm and quiet studio which cannot be overlooked by the public.

When it runs:

Starting 22 August 2022, the programme will run on Mondays and Wednesdays for 6 weeks.


YMCA KX in Kings Cross – 120 Cromer Street, London, WC1H 8BS


What the programme includes: 

  • Group introduction 
  • 2 classes per week run over 6 weeks
  • Small group sessions 
  • Final group celebration 


Why this programme is important:

Covid-19 impacted us all in different ways, but for those with already existing inequalities it further exacerbated these – leaving vulnerable groups struggling even more in its wake. Some of the worst impacted by the pandemic are those from the BAME community. Moreover, the Race Equality Commission found that BAME communities are more likely to experience mental ill health – depression is 60% higher in this group – yet are less likely to access services through primary care.  In addition to all this, BAME women in particular are at higher risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and cardio metabolic complications.

So, despite experiencing highest levels of mental and physical health issues, BAME woman are less likely to access support. As such there is a significant health inequality within this group. Together we can rectify this.

Our aim is to combat these health inequalities (those at high risk of poor mental health and diabetes) by offering a tailored Pilates programme for BAME women in a safe space, so that they can improve both their physical and mental health post-Covid. New research from Better (UK social enterprise) has revealed how group fitness classes are helping the UK overcome anxiety and social isolation: 94% of respondents said that since the pandemic exercise has helped reduce loneliness, improved mental health, and connected them to communities.