St Giles Hotel brings London urban art scene to a charitable fund

Iconic piece by anonymous street artist Pegasus auctioned off for Y Active fund
11 May 2017

A night of endless conversation surrounding art and culture in the beautiful refurbed St Giles Hotel saw the union of both the art and charity world. The focus of the night was on the iconic Queen with a Heart painting by resident North London street artist Pegasus.

His art has been described as ‘ironic’ and ‘controversial’, but this specific piece provoked a particular buzz as it was on auction, with all proceeds going toward the Y-Active fund

The initiative, which is headed by YMCA Club Children and Young People Manager, Laura Walsh, seeks to provide kids between the ages of six months and 12 years old with a range of activities, as well as opportunities for physical activity and play. Through this scheme they have the chance to take up courses such as tennis, ballet, gymnastics, or even learn how to swim. The main driver for this program is to give every child, of all economic backgrounds, the chance to learn something new and make new friends along the way. 

The creator of this fundraiser is St Giles Hotels' international chief, Abigail Tan, a committed supporter of the YMCA throughout the years, who has been the force behind many key YMCA charitable fundraisers. Tan, commissioned the artwork for the fund, along with four other pieces by Pegasus that will be hung in the lobby of the Hotel. 

The partnership between St Giles Hotel and YMCA Club is one that continues to flourish. The new artwork symbolises the bond between our urban setting and the youthful, and truly innovative space that is inspiring the refurbishment of our gym.  

There are only seven days left to submit your bid at Charitybuzz, so if you want to be owner to this unique piece and contribute to an incredible initiative, submit your bid now.