Sustainability and Partnering with Junkwize

13 March 2024
Working toward a more sustainable future with Junkwize

At Central YMCA we are committed to pro-actively managing our direct and indirect environmental and social impacts and see this as central to maintaining a successful organisation long into the future.

Not only is there a moral imperative to act as global citizens we also feel the clear alignment to our charity’s founding principles to do what we can to reduce the damage created by negative climate change given the fundamental threat to human health.

Climate-sensitive health risks are disproportionately felt by the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, including women, children, ethnic minorities, poor communities, migrants or displaced persons, older populations, and those with underlying health conditions.

Similarly, as part of the Charity’s wider commitment to delivering against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we recognise our responsibility to reduce our carbon and environmental footprints and play our part in the UN’s global ‘Race to Zero’.

We strongly believe that good environmental management is an essential part of overall good practice in all business types, including the not-for-profit sector. Therefore, we strive to go beyond the minimum available environmental standards in all areas of operation and promote these ideals with our suppliers and partners.  

This was a major consideration in our developing partnership with Junkwize. As a complex and diverse organisation, we work closely with, and rely on, our suppliers to support our endeavours for a better planet, sentiments that Junkwize fully adopt in their approach to waste management and disposal.

Affordable and efficient, they have provided fully flexible services with the utmost professionalism. Fully insured and licensed by the Environment Agency to clear all forms for rubbish. We initially used them to support with electrical and electronic equipment recycling, known as WEEE waste in the industry. They focus on eco-friendly rubbish removal that maximizes recycling and minimizes landfill usage across Greater London.

To find out more about Junkwize please visit their WEEE waste page.

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