Ben: "I was given so many opportunities during my apprenticeship"

Meet Ben Miller, our Health and Social Care Apprentice who's following his passion and going from strength to strength in his new career

Nine years into his working life, 28-year-old Ben decided to make a career change and follow his passion by becoming a Support Worker at Allonsfield House Nursing Home. His employers, Kingsley Healthcare, offered him a Level 3 Apprenticeship to gain further skills and knowledge so that he could become a Senior Support Worker. After a successful and enjoyable experience, Ben will soon be progressing onto the Level 4 Lead Adult Care Worker qualification so that he can continue to learn and climb the ladder at his current company. Ben stands as a prime example of how apprenticeships can help grow careers and help employers to retain and develop their staff.

Ben: "I was given so many opportunities during my apprenticeship"

My working life began in the catering and hospitality industry, where, over the period of 9 years, I worked my way up from a Saturday worker to a team leader. I realised then that I wanted to change my career path, and become a support worker at Allonsfield House. 

During my 6 month probationary period I was offered the opportunity to learn to be a medication giver- which was an exciting step up. My team clearly noticed potential in me, because soon after I was encouraged to take my Level 3 Apprenticeship to be able to train as a Senior Support Worker. I knew that with training I was getting my foot on the care industry ladder, and the encouragement I was given by my tutor made me confident in my own abilities. 

I was promoted to a senior whilst I was still training in order to learn better- I was doing the job I was training for so was able to implement my knowledge and really get the hang of it. I feel that I was able to show my tutors my full potential through this, and it felt amazing that they trusted me. 

Ben: "This course has opened so many doors for me"

This course has had a very noticeable impact on my life and career- having a qualification opens the door to so many different roles and companies, as well as allowing me to climb the ladder with the company I am already at- which is my current plan. I was able to build upon the fundamentals I already knew whilst gaining more in depth knowledge of things I didn’t. I have even become one of two “champions” for skin integrity within the care home, which is something I am extremely proud of.

What’s more, I have a disabled father who my mother cares for, and am now able to use my skills to support them both, which feels amazing. It feels great to know that the more I am able to learn, the more I am able to help.

Ben: "My experience with Central YMCA was amazing from start to finish"

I had amazing communication from my tutors who also kept great communication with my managers at Allonsfield House, which made things so much smoother. This meant my company was able to support me alongside my tutor, and I felt like I had a great team behind me. I was always able to contact my tutor and nothing was too big or small an issue. Having such a strong support system around me meant I always felt important and never felt lost or without help. I don’t think I could’ve had a better experience. 

Ben: "I can’t wait to continue my journey"

Now that my apprenticeship is complete I plan to continue to work as a senior support worker at Allonsfield House, but am also in the process of signing up for Level 4 Lead Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship, and feel completely supported by my team and would highly recommend Central YMCA. 

I have never regretted starting my course from day one and would encourage anyone to jump into an apprenticeship if they have the chance. Though it may seem daunting at first, especially if you are slightly older, when you find that connection with your tutor and your passion it makes the whole experience a breeze and so enjoyable.


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