Bex: “Fitness is my whole life and has changed my life.”

YMCAfit student Bex now knows what it's like to love her job

Having previously worked in events abroad, Bex had a hectic lifestyle and wanted a change. Inspired by her mum’s 26-year career, as a YMCA-trained fitness professional, Bex started her own fitness journey with life-changing consequences. 

When Spring 2020 lockdown hit, Bex was part way through her Level 3 Gym Instructor and PT course. Not wanting her progress to stall, she kept working hard, taking up the remote learning on offer. During lockdown the group met over Zoom weekly and taught each other to maintain the skills that they had developed on the course. The course “was such a unique experience,” Bex reflects. She continues, “I will always have that special thing in common with them all - and now I’m part of a bigger community in the #YMCAFitFamily.”

Having graduated in August 2020, Bex’s perseverance paid off. She is currently self-employed and is busy finding clients, locally and further afield. By adapting her working model quickly to offer online workouts, she has been able to extend her client base and secure some international clients.  

Bex finds her new career to be deeply rewarding, explaining that “as a person I like helping people. It makes me so happy to see the changes in my clients, whether it’s seeing them with a newfound confidence, a bounce in their walk or just a smile on their face. I now know what it feels like to really love your job.” 

Positive about the future, Bex aims to reach as many people as possible and get as many people moving as possible. In those aims, we wish her all the luck in the world. 

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