2023 Inspirational Pre-Apprentice of the Year

Murat Ozmicco

19-year-old Murat from London wins Central YMCA’s Inspirational Pre-Apprentice of the Year 

“It feels nice to be noticed for my hard work, I mean this is just another step that’s going to motivate me and do better.” 

Gym saved his life 

As a young man growing up in Hackney, Murat faced many obstacles and struggled to overcome them on his own. Murat didn’t have support or influence around him which lead him into the wrong lifestyle. His mental health was affected and he really wanted to get himself out of this position and better himself mentally, physically and emotionally. It was very challenging at times to get himself out. Fitness helped him learn discipline when it came to bad habits. The gym saved his life. In working out more, Murat felt more positive, his confidence increased, and he got his self-esteem back.  

One of the biggest benefits that came from Murat starting his fitness journey was joining Central YMCA. Learning with the team helped him realise he was making progress and doing better. He also appreciated being noticed for his hard work and effort. Personal training was something he always considered as a career path but never knew who to speak to until he started going to a gym. 

Choosing a pathway 

Murat was one of the last students to join his cohort, however, he caught up quickly with a lot of revision at home. Although he struggled to remember most of the key information when revising, it did get easier as he had support around him, from his peers who would encourage him to revise with them, to his tutor who provided consistent guidance along the way.  

In the future, Murat would like to be a successful personal trainer and open his own gym to encourage others to better themselves mentally and physically and give them the guidance he never had.  

No regrets  

“Just do it and just go for it. If you like it, just go with the flow. If you have the time, you won’t regret it. I just think to myself, at least I can say I tried. 


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