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Kieran: “FTA allowed me to turn a hobby into a lifestyle.”

Fitness Training Academy - Powered by Nike, Learner

19-year-old Kieran Campbell, from South London, has always been fitness and sports obsessed. After being unhappy and dropping out of college he wanted to find a way to better himself. Now, he has graduated from the Fitness Training Academy - Powered by Nike  and won a special commendation for “Most improved, inspirational and aspirational student”. 
Kieran shares his story…
“Fitness and sport isn't a part of my life but instead is my life.”
“Without sport I don't know where or who I'd be, I feel like I would have nothing. For my whole life, football and sport has been everything, if I’m not playing or participating in sport I  am watching it and studying it or creating my session for tomorrow. It gives me a purpose and a way to show who I am to people.”
“I guess I'm a little fitness and sports obsessed, I love football and exercise in general from working out on my own to being in a group. And now I have discovered my love for training people and helping others on their fitness journey.” 
“I'm more confident, smarter, I have friends and so many good memories”

“As well as all the knowledge I now have and the diploma I feel so much more confident in helping people and interacting with people in the fitness world, the course allowed me to find a niche and turn a hobby into a lifestyle. After the course I can now easily say I'm more confident, smarter, I have friends who I will continue to talk to and so many good memories.”
“It's difficult to choose, however, I would say the freedom is the best thing about the course. When I went to class it never felt like a school system as such but instead it allowed me to work by myself and have more responsibility which I  liked. My tutor was amazing and helped me so much. But also the experience you gain in the gym and with Nike is really good.“
“Fitness can change a person's life”

“I believe that nobody has a limit and I hate the idea of limitations, hence my brand name beling ‘Limitless Fitness’. I believe that if we truly want to we can accomplish anything no matter what it is, where we start, who we are or what others think. I think fitness can change a person's life, by giving them purpose, freedom or the feeling of separation from the world for a few moments, it can make them happier, healthier and be a massive catalyst to better themselves through life.”
What's next?
“I would like to work as a Personal Trainer and grow a client base in the short term and eventually grow a brand/business with a team of personal trainers. I'd like to think I’m a funny, positive and hard working individual with a constant desire to progress. When I’m training clients, I hope to make them feel happy, confident and comfortable in the gym and inspire them to push themselves.” 

Next Course – September 2022

We’re currently recruiting for our next YMCA Fitness Training Academy – Powered by Nike, which will run in London, Bury, Ipswich, Leeds, Manchester, Norwich and Scunthorpe.
If you’re aged 16 to 18 and want to kick-start your fitness career with a free two-year government-funded, Ofsted regulated course, you can find out more here.