Beau “If you want something enjoyable, FTA is the place to be.”

Sporty Beau aspires to have her own Personal Training business

17-year-old Beau from Islington has always been sporty. Although her GCSE grades were mostly Bs and Cs, she wasn’t keen on university. The YMCA’s Fitness Training Academy offers Beau the opportunity to combine her love of sport with a practical way of making a living. Beau looks forward to setting up her own Personal Training business one day…

“Physical Education has always been my favourite subject at school - it makes me happy. At school, I was in the cricket team, football team and netball team. I like to keep myself active! I wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness such as a Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist. I’ve always had that mind-set.

“Revising with books is not for me – I’d rather be active”

When my sixth form dropped PE as an A Level, I needed to find a similar course elsewhere. I heard about YMCA’s Fitness Training Academy through a school friend who goes to the YMCA Club. The course looked interesting and was only 20 mins away from where I lived.

This qualification will help me start up my Personal Training business. My family support me doing this rather than going to university because I’m not that academic. Revising with books is not for me – I’d rather be active.

In the mornings during the course, we’re in the YMCA Club using the machines. As students, we pair up, personally train each other and run through each other’s exercise programmes. In the afternoons, we do theory such as the principles of fitness and the anatomy of physiology.

“The people on my course are great”

Everyone is so welcoming at the YMCA Club, which is nice. It’s not a patronising environment. The people on my course are great - I get on with everyone. Having them with me in the gym makes it a better experience. I’m with people who make me feel different.

On the course, I enjoy going to the gym the most and doing different exercises. I also like the theory which is interesting - it keeps me engaged. I like keeping active because it takes my mind off things. When I go to the gym, my endorphins are released. I feel happier and in a good place. If I’m having problems with my friends or family, in the gym, my problems disappear, which is nice.

Exercising in the morning is the most challenging thing. We come in and the Tutor throws us in the deep end. Sometimes the theory can be complicated and hard to get my head around, but in the end I get it.

“This course has changed me in a good way”

I would encourage people to do this course because it keeps you active and in the gym for two days per week. You learn how the body works, which is interesting and it gives you a better understanding of how eating certain foods can impact the body.

I’m doing something practical during the day, whereas if I was at college, it would be constantly academic.

This course has changed me in a good way. I’ve always got a goal to work towards and I achieve it to the best of my ability.

If you want to be fulfilled, this course is the place to be.”