Aliesha: “The Fitness Training Academy is a new way of learning”

FTA student has finally found her niche

18 – year – old Aliesha from Richmond, suffers from severe exam stress. Whilst academia is not her forte, Aliesha’s passion for sport is second to none. The second-year FTA student and professional dancer shares her story…

“I hate exams!”

“Sport is my one thing I absolutely love. When I was at school, PE made me so happy! I literally did every kind of sport - dance, gymnastics and even rugby! I was pretty rubbish at all of my other subjects, but PE I passed with good marks. I’d always win awards at school sports competitions too.

I wasn’t as academic as my classmates and I never liked sitting down in a classroom. I can’t sit for hours studying - I like being active! I wasn’t really good at school tests. I hate exams and have crazy anxiety over them. I would walk into an exam, forget everything, walk out and feel terrible, but with PT - something I’m passionate about – it’s different.

I passed my first year Fitness Training Academy exams first time! I really revised and tried my hardest. I expected to fail, but when I passed, I was so excited and happy. This achievement has motivated me to power through to Level 3, which is a big jump.

FTA course content is “nicely balanced”

When I finished secondary school, I was stuck for what to do. I needed a job that I would enjoy and would earn me money. My mum and I decided on a Personal Training course. She found the Fitness Training Academy and I went to the interview. I was so nervous, but when I got in, I was so happy.

What I like about this course is the mix of practical (physical) and theory. It’s nicely balanced, whereas at school, I felt the workload was just too big. The FTA course content is way more balanced, which makes me feel calm. I’m satisfied with how everything is going.

“I’m doing what I love”

I’ve really enjoyed the physical side of the course. I’m also a ‘people person’ and like connecting with others and working out with them. It doesn’t feel like I’m at college - I’m doing what I love.

We’ve studied past exam papers, which has really helped me, but I’ve also learnt about discipline, structure and resilience. There is always a way to get through things.

The Fitness Training Academy is a different experience - it’s a new way of learning.

“I have the potential to do whatever I want”

Initially, I enrolled in the Fitness Training Academy because I needed job security, but it’s become so much more since starting the course.

Eventually, I want to work in a gym part-time and have my own clients. I want to continue my professional dancing on the side. I have the potential to do whatever I want.”

Aliesha Adia Brown will qualify as a Personal Trainer in June.

Next Course – September 2022

We’re currently recruiting for our next YMCA Fitness Training Academy – Powered by Nike, which will run in London, Leeds, Manchester, Doncaster, Norwich and Ipswich.

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