We’re opening doors to encourage a more inclusive workplace

7 August 2023

It’s time to announce our most recent partnership… we’ve signed up to Business in the Community’s Opening Doors campaign. And we’re in good company! We’re joining dozens of other UK companies in the campaign, and that number is steadily growing. Together, we’re changing the way the recruitment and hiring process works. 

The current labour market is a tough one to navigate. Although there are a record number of job vacancies available, a huge portion of the potential market – around three million people – faces barriers to employment. This includes, but isn’t limited to, individuals who are disabled, ex-military, those with previous convictions, people who have experienced homelessness, older workers, and refugees. Alongside Opening Doors, we’re committed to adopting a more inclusive recruitment process and hiring diverse and untapped talent. 

Some of the commitments we’ve made as part of the Opening Doors campaign include: 

  • Advertising our vacancies through a range of channels and recruitment partners that target diverse groups 
  • Training our hiring managers on inclusive recruitment and ensuring our employees understand this commitment 
  • Using inclusive language in all our job listings – that means no jargon and including all the essential information like salary, working hours, location, and day-to-day job activities 
  • Including diverse colleagues on interview panels where possible 
  • Ensuring our candidates feel comfortable throughout the interview process and asking if they need any adjustments 
  • Collecting diversity data at the application stage to ensure we can identify any potential barriers for diverse candidates 

An inclusive and equitable world won’t happen overnight, but we’re deeply committed to getting closer over the next few years. Business in the Community’s Opening Doors campaign plans to make 2 million jobs more inclusive by 2025, and we’re so honoured and proud to be a part of it!