Sandra is smiling while she is using her pilates and personal trainer expertise to help a client

Next-level Personal Training: how Pilates transformed my business

Sandra: "It was a total game-changer."

Sandra Calva, originally from Ecuador, spent years trying to find her passion, something she could really connect with and excel in. Now a successful businesswoman, Sandra has used her Personal Training and Pilates knowledge to set her business apart and create high-end multi-site fitness boutiques in Central London.  

Sandra qualified at YMCAfit as a Personal Trainer in 2011 and started working alongside her husband, Brett, in private clients’ homes.  

“I loved every day as it brought new challenges and new learning and something I could talk to Brett about on a frequent basis which helped accelerate learning and development.”

After a few years of experience running a studio in Mayfair, in 2014 Sandra and Brett opened their first fitness studio in Soho, Fitness Lab

Spotting a gap in the market 

“By this time my coaching was at a really high standard but I knew something was missing. Lots of my clients had pre-existing injuries and I knew that I had to become better within this field of expertise. After a lot of thought and research, I decided that Pilates was the answer so I set off to find the best qualification available in the UK. I found STOTT PILATES and YMCAfit and they’ve enabled me to learn so much and apply it with myself and my clients.

Taking her Personal Training to a new level 

“In simple words, it was incredible and added so many strings to my bow. It transformed the way in which we operated our business, cared for our clients and hired our team. It was a total game-changer - we started to offer next-level personal training that truly put the client and their needs at the centre of every session.”

“I don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all' approach. The partnership of STOTT PILATES and Personal Training allows me to apply the detailed level of focus and precision of Pilates to strength training exercises. This unique combination allows my clients to move extremely well, get strong and move well for life."

Placing first in the WBFF 

“In 2015 I placed first in the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) event within the Fitness Model Category and became a pro fitness model. The knowledge I gained through Pilates and Personal Training combined enabled me to train my body to new levels and I achieved a major body composition change for the competition - it felt incredible. I look back now and think about how and where I started and still to this day can’t quite believe it.”

Business is going from strength to strength 

“In 2018 we opened our second Fitness Lab site in Fitzrovia and we’re now focused on continually delivering the best personal training experience to our clients and will soon be looking to open a third site.”

“I studied both Matwork & Reformer Pilates which was absolutely incredible and something I’d recommend to all those considering studying with YMCAfit and looking to differentiate themselves. It is WELL worth every second and every penny spent.”

For more information on starting your career in the growing fitness industry, visit YMCAfit for our courses on STOTT PILATES® and Personal Training.