Meet Mo Murphy – our Tutor of the Year 2016

Since taking on the role of Apprenticeship Tutor 12 months ago learner enrolments and retention rates have been on the up.

Behind every successful YMCA apprentice lies a tutor. These hard working individuals may spend their time behind the scenes, but without their valuable input, everything would fall apart.

Not only do they offer support and guidance to the apprentices, they also do a sterling job selling the benefits of apprenticeships to businesses – and without the businesses there would be no apprenticeships.  

Mo Murphy took up the post of Apprenticeship Tutor through our operation YMCA Training Doncaster just 12 months ago, but she has already made an impression. She is extremely committed to her learners and even takes calls from them during her evenings and days off. Since taking on her new role, retention rates have improved as well as learner enrolments.

In recognition of her hard work, in March Mo was awarded the 2016 Tutor of the Year at the YMCA Training awards.

She is extremely committed to her learners and even takes calls from them during her evenings and days off
Mo Murphy's Manager, Michelle Smith

“Mo is an advocate of YMCA Training. Selling the business to potential clients to grow her own caseload,” said Mo’s Manager, Michelle Smith.

“Mo is always happy to help others within the centre,” she added. “During the recent OFSTED inspection, inspectors were impressed that Mo had given the added extra of teaching a learner how to use their washing machine. Mo is extremely supportive of her learners and always gives that little bit more as is evident by her work.”

Also joining in praise of Mo is her colleague, Sue Scott: “Mo is always there for her students and colleagues no matter what time of day it is. She is completely committed to the company and the work she does. A true trooper and valued member of staff. We would be lost without her”.

Kyle Andersson, 2016 Progression Award Winner, is one of Mo Murphy’s learners and knows first hand the hard work she puts into her job. “The person who has made the biggest impact through the year of this apprenticeship has to go to my tutor Mo Murphy,” he said. “She has to be one of the most trusted people in my life”.

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