Billy Spencer

Inspirational Apprentice of the Year, 2022

Billy Spencer

Supply Chain Warehousing Apprentice, 19-year-old Billy Spencer from Doncaster, is awarded ‘Inspirational Apprentice of the Year 2022’    

Billy has developed a more positive and ambitious outlook during his apprenticeship, and this award is given to recognise and celebrate his inspirational achievements. 


Feeling Lost 

Billy had struggled to find his direction in life, feeling like he didn’t have the motivation to give 100% to anything.  Before coming to Central YMCA, Billy described his confidence as “at an all-time low”; he was struggling with his mental health, anxiety and talking to people, and was keeping a lot to himself.  As a hands-on learner Billy wanted to find a vocation to thrive in, but felt undervalued in his previous job in a warehouse. He knew change began with an apprenticeship, so he enrolled as a Supply Chain Warehousing Apprentice. 

Billy got a job as a Warehouse Operator for CEFCO, and took advantage of the support from his tutors to stay on top of paperwork during his apprenticeship.  


An Inspiring Change 

Looking back at the last 8 months, Billy’s tutors have seen huge progress in his attitude and confidence – his anxiety has reduced, he has increased motivation, and in his own words, he has “grown up” to become more mature. His newfound confidence has helped him to open up and communicate much better with people. Billy routinely gets good feedback from his employer and tutor, which has helped him to flourish; even having the confidence to engage in a bit of healthy competition at work.  Since his apprenticeship started, Billy says:  

“My attitude has changed in the most positive way I could ever have hoped for. Thank you to YMCA and CEFCO for giving me this opportunity.”


Investing in his Future 

Not only has he progressed in these areas, but he is now close to getting a house with his girlfriend. His mum has also been a massive support throughout.  

“My family are so proud of me… this makes me feel like my apprenticeship has made my family relationship stronger.” 

A huge difference from where he began, Billy has built solid foundations and has found the motivation to work towards his goals; telling us that:  

“I have found what I like and enjoy and want to fulfill this in my future career.” 


Recieving his Award at the House of Commons

Ed Miliband MP and Dame Rosie Winterton MP jointly presented Billy Spencer from Doncaster with his award for Inspirational Apprentice of the Year.

Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Secretary of State of Climate Change and Net Zero said:

“What is really inspiring is that Billy has been determined to make something of his life, and a success of this apprenticeship. The most important thing tonight is Billy’s determination to succeed, and Central YMCA’s central role in helping him to succeed. That is the YMCA in action – making brilliant young people like Billy possible.” 


Dame Rosie Winterton MP, Deputy Speaker said: 

“I have been a long admirer of the work of the YMCA, and have been to a number of events... so I know what magnificent work is done, and what an inspiration it is to young people.” 


About Apprenticeships 

Inspired by Billy’s story? Could you benefit from an apprenticeship?  

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