Ella Buckley – Pre-Apprentice of the Year

28 February 2017

Ella is a Long-Term Gardener on a Traineeship at Dunham Massey Hall and Gardens. Ella works in these gardens helping create beautiful public spaces, which she helps maintain to an award-winning standard which has helped gained public recognition.

Ella found YMCA Training through an internet search and is in the process of completing her Diploma in Horticulture. Prior to her traineeship, Ella did not have much confidence with new surroundings or new people.

"Looking back, training has improved my confidence in dealing with new situations and new people.”
Ella Buckley

Ella’s traineeship has not only helped her decide the path she wants to go down, but Ella too has taken every opportunity during her traineeship, and used it to her advantage. She has learned that making mistakes can be an opportunity for learning.

Ella’s traineeship is soon coming to its end, and she plans to stick to the further education route. Ella will be applying for apprenticeships: she plans on completing a YMCA Training Level 3 Diploma in Practical Horticulture. She hopes this will help her progress onto getting a job in her chosen career of horticulture, in the future.

“Ella is one of our inspirations in Horticulture at Salford due to her honesty, empathy and kindness. As a female role model in Horticulture, Ella is the future of gardening and her innovative planting designs have received public acclaim at the National Trust.”
YMCA Training Apprenticeship Tutor, Jayne Lawton.