YMCA Apprenticeship Awards 2017

The apprenticeship reforms are changing the face of UK apprenticeships and we believe this is an opportunity for change for us all.

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week and the achievements of our own apprentices, we're holding our annual YMCA Apprenticeship Awards at the House of Commons on Monday. The theme for this year's event is 'Opportunity for Change' and we'll be discussing both the opportunities and the challenges the reforms pose for employers, providers and learners. 

Read our report below to learn more about the opportunities an employer-led system could deliver and the other opportunities within education we have uncovered through extensive research.

YMCA Apprenticeships Awards

We're holding roadshow events across the country throughout March and April to give you the opportunity to explore the new world of apprenticeships, including its opportunities and challenges.

We're joined by a group of expert speakers who are keen to help us share how providing apprenticeship opportunities is a key part of any strategy in enabling businesses to grow and prosper.  Find an event near using the button below.