YMCA Training's tutors develop their Mental Toughness

Staff at our YMCA Training centers have completed pioneering Mental Toughness training
13 November 2017

If Further Education providers are to be effective in improving the educational success of young people, staff must be fully equipped with the tools and training with which they can help students (or perhaps help students help themselves) deal with pressure.

It is for this reason that YMCA Training tutors in Manchester recently received much acclaimed ‘Mental Toughness’ training from renowned training specialists, AQR International.

Mental Toughness refers to a specific personality trait or mind-set that some of us possess and which some do not, but which we are all capable of acquiring. It is the trait which determines how people approach and deal with challenges, and may be the most important aspect of our make-up when it comes to personal and professional development.

The idea is essentially that there are two types of mind-set. Either people have a ‘fixed mind-set’, whereby they avoid risks, focus on ability over effort and where they see setbacks as avoidable, or they have a ‘growth mind-set’, whereby they relish challenge, risk, embrace mistakes and appreciate that people are always capable of change.

Only the growth mind-set is capable of delivering long-term success, but to get it, people must develop self-control, commitment to their goals, confidence in their abilities and a willingness to embrace challenges.

It is easy to see why Further Education students can benefit from developing mental toughness; being a student is after-all all about developing both professionally and personally. AQR international have in fact found that Mental Toughness can explain up to 25% of the variation in attainment and that it can be significant in improving classroom behaviour as well as in combating bullying and stress.

In order to help students develop it however, tutors must have it in abundance themselves, both so that they can pass on knowledge of it and also so that they can use it to be the best possible teachers they can be.

YMCA Training’s tutors are some of the most dedicated and professional in the business, and always seem to be on the lookout for ways in which they can improve the lives of the students in their care. It is, therefore, no surprise that those who attended the Mental Toughness training appear to have wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity the training has given them to empower their students to succeed.

Tabetha Crinson, who is one of our Study Programme tutors, explained: 

"Mental Toughness is a new tool for teachers and managers to use for personal development that has been especially useful for setting meaningful, personal targets"

As a result of the training, YMCA tutors are now accredited with certificates in Mental Toughness and can carry out Mental Toughness assessments, whereby they can identify where Mental Toughness may be lacking in their students.

The next step is to pilot the Mental Toughness education in our training centres across the country, which we will be doing over the coming weeks and months. If our students can benefit only half as much as our tutors have, it’s safe to say the training will be a resounding success.