Central YMCA

YMCA World of Good Report 2016

Welcome to our latest report – World of Good – which explores the biggest challenges facing young people today.

Here at Central YMCA, we’ve been helping young people improve their lives for over 170 years – a task that has evolved with each new generation.

To better understand how our organisation (and others) can best support this generation, we conducted a survey asking 1600 young people, and those working with them on a daily basis, to assess the nature of the challenges they face. Our findings are set out in this report and raise interesting questions about where to direct resources and which issues to prioritise.

World of Good has identified the challenges of being young in Modern Britain, and revealed the biggest causes of harm to young people in Britain today – failing to succeed within the education system, a lack of employment opportunities, and issues related to body image topped the list.

We trust you’ll find the results interesting and informative, and we hope that they’ll provide some much-needed food for thought for policy makers and those working with young people across the UK.

Download the report here.

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